I currently work remotely for a creative agency based in Brooklyn called Objectively, where we work with academic and research institutions to make knowledge more consumable, actionable, and impactful. I graduated from Dev Bootcamp in 2015, a coding program built on the premise of "building beautiful and meaningful things", something I really took to heart. After graduating from DBC, I volunteered for ScriptEd (now CodeNation), where I helped teach web development to a group of high school students. I was inspired by the students, and discovered an unexpected love for teaching.

Before becoming a developer, I spent eight years in the academic publishing world, working on textbooks for courses spanning ethnomusicology, music technology, and music education. My experience working with developers as a client to create companion websites to these textbooks inspired my career change, and has helped inform how I approach the material I work with.

The tools I use daily in my work are HTML, CSS/SASS, Foundation, Jekyll, Contentful, JavaScript/jQuery, and Git, but I have experience with Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL. My ongoing goals are to strengthen my programming fundamentals, improve my JavaScript (vanilla and React in particular), and build more personal projects for fun and to retain familiarity across the frontend and the backend. Currently, I am most excited to further explore the JAMstack ecosystem with GatsbyJS, GraphQL, and serverless functions.

When I am not in front of a computer, I am probably fermenting something, making broth, or hanging out with my cats.