• The website for the Open Source Hardware Association provides a thorough resource to make sure products meet a uniform and well-defined standard for open-source compliance. Users can learn about the certification process and then apply to register their own products. The static educational site is built with Jekyll and Contentful. An Express app serves a complex form that handles product submissions to the Contentful API.

  • Sourcelist is a database of qualified experts in technology policy from diverse backgrounds to aid journalists, conference organizers, and others to connect with a broader array of experts. Sourcelist includes a searchable and filterable list of experts, and allows users to add a request to be included in the list. Built with Jekyll, Contentful, and Express to handle submissions to the Contentful API.

  • The website for the AI Now Institute at New York University, an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to understanding the social implications of artificial intelligence. Built with Jekyll and Contentful.

  • The website to support the Lab @DC's rigorous field experiment studying the impacts of body-worn cameras in DC.

  • The GovLab's resource on creating public value by exchanging data. The site seeks to provide insight on how responsible exchange of corporate data can improve people’s lives.

  • The GovLab's platform for collecting open governance research from around the web, allowing users to browse and contribute resources. Built with Jekyll, Contentful, Isotope.

  • Social networking apps for fostering collaboration among innovators inside and out of government, and around the world. Built with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and the Discourse API.

  • The GovLab’s Open Data 500 platform for showcasing companies around the world with businesses built using open data. Led data analysis efforts and database design, built out UI features for optimizing user experience and improving user analysis of data, and designed and implemented data visualizations. Built with Jekyll, Sinatra, D3.js.